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Österreichische Herniengesellschaft (ÖHG)


PD Dr. Gernot Köhler

Dr. Rudolf Schrittwieser (past president), PD Dr. Franz Mayer (secretary), Prof. Dr. René Fortelny (honorary member), Dr. Nikolaus Hartig (Vice president)

Best possible care for patients with hernias, scientific and educational activities, conference organization.

Austrian Hernie Days in Salzburg 21-22.03.2024 

Belgian Society for Abdominal Wall Surgery

Members: 266 abdominal surgeons (member of the RBSS)


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a. Principal
The Section aims to improve the quality of the surgery of the entire abdominal wall in Belgium. The Section aims to represent surgeons from Belgium with a specific interest in abdominal wall surgery.
Members of the Board will be delegated to establish and maintain relations with Belgian, European or other national and international organisations, societies, and councils.

b. Scientific objectives.
The scientific objectives of the Section are to improve knowledge of abdominal wall surgery in Belgium.
Scientific meetings and workshops will be organised either for all members or for working groups. Scientific meetings of the Section will be organised in the context of the scientific program of the Belgian Royal Society for Surgery, including the Belgian Week of Surgery.
The Section will organise and support clinical or experimental studies in the field of abdominal wall surgery, following the rules specified in the appendix.
All scientific projects organised in the name of the Section and their results must be submitted to and approved by the scientific committee, before national or international presentation or publication.
Any Ordinary member can submit a scientific project to the board of the Section. The rules in the appendix have to be respected, as well as for publications or presentations of a study project in name of the Section.
c. Extra-scientific objectives
Improved quality of abdominal wall surgery will be based on increasing knowledge and skills as well as on continuous survey and audit of training and practice.
The Section will make efforts to improve training in abdominal wall surgery and to develop evidence-based guidelines.
The Section will contribute to the survey (audit) of abdominal wall surgery in Belgium. These efforts will be performed in close collaboration with all councils, boards, and governmental organisations already involved or having information.

  • Belgian Hernia Day 18/11/2023

Yearly Belgian Hernia Day
Yearly Hernia Cadaver Labs for trainees
Scientific research and studies (Unite study NCT04437043; Belgian Hernia Database,…)

British Hernia Society


Members: 400

Our aim is to promote safe, effective and high quality hernia surgery throughout the U.K, with a new UK Hernia registry to be launched in 2023.

  • BHS Oxford, November 2024

Promote hernia as a specialty in the UK, provide grants for young enterprise, encourage research in the field of hernia surgery, contribute to science and education through collaboration with EHS and wider Hernia fraternity.


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Capítulo Parede Abdominal – GREPA – Sociedade Portuguesa de Cirurgia


Members: 1200

Capítulo Parede Abdominal – GREPA – Coordinator- Carlos Magalhães – Porto – Filipe Guerra – Faro – Júlio Marques – Viseu – Eva Barbosa – Matosinhos – Ana André – Setúbal

Capítulo Parede Abdominal – GREPA is a chapter that is related with the board of Sociedade Portugesa de Cirurgia, in Portugal.
Portuguese Surgery Society includes almost all general surgeons in Portugal and is responsible for the development of General Surgery , promoting several activities all over the year.
The National Chapter of Abdominal Wall (GREPA – Grupo Estudos Parede Abdominal) is promoting the best practices in abdominal wall surgery.

Our main activities:

  • National Registration of Surgeries in Abdominal Wall
  • National Directory of Abdominal Wall – we have a representative of all National Public Hospitals
  • National recomendations for abdominal wall surgery
  • National programme for graduations and residency in abdominal wall
  • Social network and Hernia in Portugal
  • National Congress – Round Tables and Practicall Courses

  • Online Meeting GREPA Portugal – October 2020
  • National Congress SPCirurgia – March 2021
  • National Meeting Abdominal Wall GREPA Portugal – June 2021

  • Promoting National Registration of Abdominal Wall Surgery
  • Online GREPA meetings – every month
  • National Programme for graduation for residents
  • National Programme for MIS in Abdominal Wall

Chapitre Français de l’EHS-GREPA



Capítulo Parede Abdominal – GREPA – Coordinator- Carlos Magalhães – Porto – Filipe Guerra – Faro – Júlio Marques – Viseu – Eva Barbosa – Matosinhos – Ana André – Setúbal

Our main activities:


Czech Hernia Society / Česká Herniologická Společnost

Members: 79 NM + 4 EHS,

The Czech Hernia Society was established by a group of surgeons, who are interested in herniology and abdominal wall surgery. The main goal is to present the hernia surgery as a specialized brach of general surgery. The society collects suregons, who would like to treat and operate hernias and abdominal wall deefects according to the actual knowledge and guidelines published by the EHS.

The CHS started the Hernia Basic project as a school project, mostly for young surgeons. The main goal is to teach residents the advanced anatomy and physiology of abdominal wall and the standardized techniques, how to operate umbilical, inguinal and mid-line hernias.

Our main activities:

The 6th Czech Hernia Conference will be held in NH Collection Hotel Olomouc and The Prostejov Hospital on the 12th – 13th of November 2020

The main activities of The Czech Hernia Society are now the preparations for the 6th Czech Hernia Conference, whitch will be associated with next Hernia Basic course.

The society also supports several single-topic workshops regarding hernia surgery.

The organizers of Hernia Basic are preparing advanced course, concerning advanced techniques and treatment of recurent, giant and complicated hernias.

The society participates on preparations of the 2023 EHS annual meeting that will be held in Prague.

Danish Hernia Database – Dansk Herniedatabase



Vice presidents: Nadia Henriksen & Thorbjørn Sommer

Board: Jacob Rosenberg, Kristoffer Andresen, Allan Dorfelt, Nina Wensel, Mette Willaume, Marianne Krogsgaard, Lene Pejtersen, Marie Kirk Christensen.


Our main activities: Monitor and secure complete national data in the Danish Hernia Database, perform and publish research based on the data from the Database, provide feedback to Danish surgeons regarding quality of hernia surgery in Denmark, monitor new trends and techniques and compare results with previous ones.

14-06-23: The Official Annual Meeting of The Danish Hernia Database.

  • Publish annual official reports with data from the Danish Hernia Database
  • Publish research with data from the Danish Hernia Database
  • Provide courses in basic and advanced hernia surgery
  • Provide standard surgical procedure description, patient information, and video material
  • Establishment of a nationwide patient association
  • Surveillance of mesh and other surgical devices used for hernia surgery

Dutch Hernia Society


Members: 110

Maarten Simons, Theo Aufenacker, Tammo de Vries Reilingh, Marijn Poelman, Ine Burgmans, Rudi Roumen, Johan Lange, Bob Bloemendaal, Leonard Kroese, Joris Harlaar, Marja Boermeester

Improve quality of care of all Abdominal Wall hernia patients by bringing Dutch surgeons together.

Our main activities:

January 2022

Registry development and implementation, Quality projects, Research, Robot development, Education.

Finnish Hernia Society – Suomen Herniayhdistys


Anu Välikangas (secretary), Tom Scheinin, Tanja Hulmi, Matti Hämäläinen, Henrik Husu, Anne Mattila,

To improve hernia surgery in Finland trough learning and research

Our main activities:

German Hernia Society – Deutsche Herniengesellschaft


Members: 1043 (*01.03.2020)

Dr. Ralph Lorenz (Berlin), PD Dr. Joachim Conze (Munich), Dr. Andreas Kuthe (Hannover), Dr. Wolfgang Reinpold (Hamburg ), Dr. Bernd Stechemesser (Cologne)

The German Hernia Society is a society for interested and dedicated hernia surgeons.                                       

Main Goal is a better treatment of our patients with :                                                                                                      

  • Standardized Education
  • Quality management
  • Science
  • Patient centred research

The German Hernia Society is part of an international network.

Our main activities:

  • March 5th-6th, 2021 Herniadays : digital congress
  • Tba May 2021 German Hernia Society Meeting Study Meeting of the Herniamed Database – Frankfurt/ Main (PD Dr. Guido Woeste/ Martin Wiese)

  • Herniamed Database, Patient centred research
  • German Hernia School with the Modules Hernia compact, Hernia concrete, Hernia complex and Hernia contact

Hellenic Hernia Association

Members: 124

To improve on the quality of care of patients with a hernia in Greece through education, research and policy work

Our main activities: 

Hellenic Hernia Days 2024 23-25 Febrouary 2024

Hernia Interest Group South Africa



Our main activities:

Hungarian Work Group for Abdominal Wall Surgery



Our main activities:

Israel Hernia



Our main activities:

Italian Society of Hernia and Abdominal Wall Surgery



Giuseppe Cavallaro – Secretary / Executive Board, Francesco Fontanazza – Executive Board, Christian Galatioto – Executive Board, Francesco Gossetti – Executive Board, Andrea Manetti – Executive Board, Carlo Sagnelli – Executive Board, Giorgio Soliani – Treasurer / Executive Board, Cesare Stabilni – National Delegate, Francesco Vittore – Executive Board

Our main activities:

Polish Hernia Club



Our main activities:

Romanian Hernia Club


Members: 35

Dan Ulmeanu, Daniel Cristian, Florin Turcu, Valentin Calu, Victor Diaconu


Our main activities:

Courses in minimal invasive treatment for abdominal wall hernias

Sección Pared Abdominal


Members: National: 702 – Members: 74

José Antonio Pereira (Secretary), Pilar Hernández, Jesús Merello, Luis Alberto Blazquez, Antonio Nieto, Pedro Trillo, José Bueno, Rosa Ana García, Juan Manuel Suárez Grau

Our Goal is the better treatment of our patients through:

  • Education and accreditation in Abdominal Wall Surgery
  • Training and culture of registering data
  • Promotion of Evidence Based Practice
  • Patient centred research

Our main activities:

November 11th-13th, 2020 Spanish National Meeting (Madrid)

May 2021, Spanish Abdominal Wall Chapter Congress (Madrid)

Courses in abdominal wall closure, minimal invasive surgery, complex abdominal wall surgery

Promotion and maintenance of the Spanish Register of Abdominal Wall Surgery (EVEREG) (Incisional, inguinal, prevention). Patient centred research.

Serbian Hernia Society



Our main activities:

Herniološko Združenje Slovenije


Members: 70

Promoting high Quality hernia Surgery in Slovenia

Our main activities:

November 2023

Kongress preparation (Guest Filip Muysoms)

Swedish Association of Innovative Surgical Technology


Members: Members of the Swedish Association for Innovative Surgical Technology: 263 ; EHS Members: 16

The Swedish Association for Innovative Surgical Technology supports research, education and development in the fields of endoscopic surgery and hernia surgery, with the following goals:

  • Continuous quality control and benchmarking based on the National Hernia Register
  • Research and development of hernia surgery
  • Education of general surgeons as well as hernia specialists

Our main activities:

  • Annual meeting with the Swedish Surgical Society in August, with parts of the program focused on abdominal wall surgery
  • Annual Meeting with the Swedish Association for Innovative Surgical Technology and the Swedish Hernia Register in the spring
  • Uppsala Hernia meeting each autumn

The Swedish Association for Innovative Surgical Technology is a national society that promotes issues on education, research and development in relation to abdominal wall surgery and endoscopic techniques. The Swedish National Chapter of the European Hernia Society is organised under The Swedish Association for Innovative Surgical Technology.

The Swedish Association for Innovative Surgical Technology supports the Swedish Hernia Register, which was started in 1994 and has a national coverage since more than twenty years. A national register for ventral hernia repairs is also under development.

The Swedish Association for Innovative Surgical Technology organises courses in hernia surgery.

National guidelines on the management of hernias and diastasis of the rectus abdominal muscles have been published by the Swedish Association for Innovative Surgical Technology

Swiss Association for Hernia Surgery


Members: 58

Vice President: MSc MBA FPLS Walter Brunner (St. Gallen) – General Secretary: Dr. med. Rolf Hunkeler (Zürich) – Treasurer: Dr. med. Marc Olivier Sauvain (Lausanne) – Secretary for Foreign Affairs: Prof. Dr. med. Ulrich Dietz (Olten) – Secretary for Congresses: PD Dr. med. Henry Hoffmann / PD Dr. med. Philipp Kirchhoff (Basel)

The Swiss Association for Hernia Surgery is a society for interested and dedicated hernia surgeons.
Main Goal is a better treatment of our patients with:

  • Standardized Education
  • Organisation of Education and national and international Hospitations
  • Quality management
  • Science
  • Patient centred research

The Swiss Association for Hernia Surgery is part of an international network.


Die SAHC/ASCH – Schweizerische Arbeitsgruppe für Hernienchirurgie versteht sich als Fachgesellschaft interessierter und engagierter Hernienchirurgen.

Ziel ist eine bessere Behandlung unserer Patienten durch:

  • Standardisierte Weiterbildung
  • Vermittler von Weiterbildungskursen und nationalen wie internationalen Hospitationen
  • Qualitätssicherung
  • Wissenschaft und Versorgungsforschung.

Die Schweizerische Arbeitsgruppe für Hernienchirurgie versteht sich als Teil eines internationalen Netzwerks.

–    September 08th 2021, Cadaver Workshop Basel,
–    September 9th, 10th 2021, Swiss Hernia Days Basel,


Nächste Veranstaltungen/Kongresse:
–    08.0.2021 Cadaver Workshop Basel,
–    09./10.09.2021, Swiss Hernia Days Basel,

Turkish Hernia Society

Members: National: 125 Members: 15

Prof. Nuri Gönüllü, MD; Prof. Zafer Malazgirt, MD; Prof. Metin Ertem, MD; Hakan Gök, MD

Dr. Hakan Gök – 

Turkish Hernia Society aims to create a high level of expertise among surgeons regarding the treatment of inguinal, abdominal wall and intraabdominal hernias. To reach to this goal Turkish Hernia Society, itself, seeks for the ever-improving science of herniology, ands disseminates the knowledge throughout surgeons by means of close interaction.

In this COVID-19 Pandemic era, we switched to webinars instead of meetings or congresses. We organized two webinars in June 2020. The next one is to be announced for early 2021.

Our most efficient two activities have always been the Hernia Day meetings and Hernia School get-togethers which took place in various parts of the country with attendance of local surgeons.  During these meetings we broadcast live surgery to the audience. We plan to restart these activities at the places utilizing from-the-distance facilities. 

Ukranian Hernia Society


Members: 460

Our aim is to promote safe, effective and high quality hernia surgery throughout the Ukraine.

Our main activities:


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