EHS event collaboration

Read more about how you can engage in EHS events and host national events in collaboration with EHS.

EHS Monothematic Meetings

You can  collaborate with EHS to host a monothematic meeting in your country. 

Any member of the EHS can apply to organize a monothematic conference. These conferences, which are endorsed by the European Hernia Society, have a local, national or international scope, with the possibility to involve international speakers. They have to be based on one specific theme, hot topic or controversy of our specialty. 

It is desirable for the Monothematic Conferences to be organized approximately half way in time between the preceding and following Annual Congress of the EHS, so it does not interfere with the EHS annual congress. 

You can read more about the requirements and how to apply in the ‘EHS Monothematic meeting instructions’ in the Downloads section on this page.

Host the annual EHS Congress

The EHS Annual Congress is the flagship Congress for members of the European Hernia

Society. The results of the latest abdominal wall research are presented, innovations are
introduced, new ideas are absorbed, and networking takes place. 

Executing a high-quality international meeting sets several requirements for the local organising team. Those who have done it before have relished the opportunity, had a lot of fun in the process, but had a few sleepless nights, put in a lot of hours of work, and usually gained many grey hairs!

You can read more about the requirements and what to consider before you start working on a bid for the congress in the instructions available in the Downloads section on this page. 


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