Extended surgical stay grant

An extended surgical stay in another centre is a great opportunity to get valuable practical within a specific field of hernia surgery.  

Application for 2024

Extended Surgical Stay Grant

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Find a host centre

In the ‘EHS Members Area’ you can find a list of centres and principal surgeons who offers to host an EHS travel grant awardee. You are of course also welcome to ask centres which are not on this list.  

Extended Surgical Stay Grant Applications

Next application deadline: February 2025

These travel grants are for ANY EHS member to apply for. They can be used to further the AWR/hernia clinical skills of the applicant, or for the applicant to support hernia education in our Eastern European National Chapters. 
The applicant and the principal surgeon in the visited centre MUST be members of the EHS, and travel is restricted to the geographical area of the EHS.

Applicants should provide:

  • Application letter describing the importance of the visit for the applicant.  Please note – the visit should not be shorter than three weeks (15 working days).
  • Description of the learning goals and the reason to choose the visited centre.
  • Short curriculum vitae of the applicant. This should highlight the applicant’s abdominal wall/hernia interest.
  • Details of the applicants EHS membership, when they first became a member, and how many years of paid membership since.
  • Letter/email of acceptance from the leadership of the proposed centre to visit.


The grant will be transferred when the following documents have been provided:

  • Proof of expenses up to a maximum of 3500 euro to be reimbursed.
  • Letter from the leadership of the visited centre confirming post hoc the visit.
  • Short synthesis (max 1000 words) and some pictures by the applicant about their experience during the visit to be posted on the EHS website/Newsletter (Please avoid sending pictures taken in the operating room if a patient or other staff members are visible. By sharing the pictures, you accept use of these at the EHS website, in EHS newsletters and EHS social media posts related to EHS travel grants).

Applications should be submitted to the EHS before the next deadline.

All applications will be evaluated by the EHS Advisory Committee for Science. The final decision for approval will be made by the EHS Board and all applicants will be notified within two months after the application deadline.  The awardees will be announced at the General Assembly during the upcoming EHS congress.

In case of any questions, please contact info@europeanherniasociety.eu 

Travel Grants: Stories

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