Advisory Committees

The EHS Advisory Committees are responsible for all the key activities of the association and contribute to the continuous development of the association. 

Advisory Committee for Congresses


Rene Fortelny, Austria (Chair)

Carmen Luz Maillo Oliva, Spain

Carlos Magalhaes, Portugal

Jaana Vironen, Finland

Dieter Birk, Germany

Guillaume  Passot, France

The focus of the Congress Committee’s work is to determine the structure of the proceedings of both the EHS Annual Congress and the Monothematic Congress and to support the organisers in their preparations. As the framework conditions for congresses have changed in recent years, especially after the Covid period, the task of organising congresses has become much more complex.

These challenges can only be met through close cooperation with this committee as well as with the Education and National Chapters/Membership Committees.

The current chair of the EHS Congress as well as the chairs of the following year’s Congress are temporary members of this committee and will therefore be involved in the process of organising congresses from the very beginning.

Advisory Committee for Education


Knut Borch, Norway (Chair)

Ioannis Gerogiannis, UK

Miguel Angel García Ureña, Spain

Toby Hammond, UK

Lisa Rossi, Italy

Mario Rui Goncalves, Portugal

Maaike Vierstraete, Belgium


The education wing is comprised of several enthusiastic young and experienced surgeons with a passion for education. Our vision is: “to promote safety and quality in surgery by creating an outstanding, streamlined, evidence based educational program for European surgeons through collaboration, standardisation and innovation.”

The main activity for the wing is to arrange the numerous EHS courses. The fundamental course is an introduction for young residents to the world of abdominal wall surgery. In this course, the participants acquire a thorough understanding of hernia disease, with insights to the alternative treatment pathways and the data supporting the current guidelines. The course also covers decision making skills around the work up and care for patients with hernias.

The next level is to master the surgical techniques need to ‘cure’ the hernias. The intermediate course covers the anatomy and techniques needed by the general surgeon to handle the common hernias as inguinal, primary midline and small incisional hernias both in the elective and emergency setting.

For those who work in abdominal wall centres, the advanced course teaches the techniques needed to treat giant hernias, parastomal, lateral incisional and flank hernias. Also, it covers the modern techniques of open abdomen management. Both the intermediate and advanced course are cadaver based courses with world experts as instructors.

After completing the EHS educational pathway, and their general surgical training in their country, the surgeon can proceed even further and take the Fellow of UEMS abdominal wall surgery exam and become a UEMS certified abdominal wall surgeon.

The educational wing also organizes the EHS learning night webinars, where videos of complications in hernia surgery are shown and assessed by experts to identify learning points.

Advisory Committee for JAWS


Manuel López Cano, Spain (Chair)

Antoniou Stavros, Cyprus

Neil Smart, UK

The advisory committee for JAWS is responsible for the publication of the Journal of Abodominal Wall Surgery (JAWS), the offical journal of the EHS. 

Advisory Committee for publications


Sónia Ribas, Portugal (Chair)

Hakan Kulacoglu, Turkey

Mette Willaume, Denmark

Mateusz Zamkowski, Poland

The advisory committee for publications is responsible for the following tasks:

– Manage the collaboration agreements that EHS have with Academic Journals such as the British Journal of Surgery and Hernia (Springer).
– Manage the Production of EHS position statements as necessary.
– Manage the Production of EHS Guideline Summary documents (and their translation to common languages in the geographical area of the EHS).
– Manage the Production of Patient versions of guidelines produced by the EHS (and their translation to common languages in the geographical area of the EHS).
– Manage the production of the EHS Newsletter 6 times a year.
– Manage the production of other EHS Official publications as necessary.

Advisory Committee for Quality


Barbora East, Czech Republic (Chair)

Ferdinando Agresta, Italy

Peder Rogmark, Sweden

Sara Capoccia Giovannini, Italy

Hans Lederhuber, UK

Julie de Deken, Germany


The Quality Wing comprises a group of young and enthusiastic individuals who firmly believe in quality control, internal audits, and the associated improvements that ensue. We strive tirelessly to provide you with the means to monitor your results, store data for your trials, or have something to share in a scientific paper or with your patients, demonstrating that you are one of the transparent surgeons who take pride in improving people’s quality of life. Our team works diligently to ensure that the registry is as intuitive and user-friendly as possible. Although there is still a long way to go before it is perfect, we are dynamic and energetic, and we need your shared passion to help us make things better.

Advisory Committee for Science


Cesare Stabilini, Italy (Chair)

Donna Wouters, Belgium

Frederik Berrevoet, Belgium

Marja Boermeester, The Netherlands

Umberto Bracale, Italy

Andrea Carolina Quiroga Centeno, Colombia

Benoit Romain, France

Pilar  Hernández-Granados, Spain

Sebastian  Schaaf, Germany

The advisory committee for science is responsible for the continuous development and update of guidelines within the field of hernia surgery. The committee is thus also responsible for defining groups responsible for the development of new guidelines or guideline updates, and for promoting the use of these across Europe. 

Advisory Committee for Social Media


Hakan Gök, Turkey (Chair)

Roxana Crăciun, Romania

Alexis Theodorou, Greece

Alberto López Farias, Spain

The EHS’s social media wing is a team of abdominal wall surgery enthusiasts led by a board member, responsible for managing and promoting the society’s activities on social media platforms. We aim to increase the awareness and engagement among surgeons worldwide by providing regular updates on the society’s activities, such as the annual congress, hernia courses, hernia guidelines, Journal of Abdominal Wall Surgery (JAWS) and online journal club. Through our social media channels, we strive to foster collaboration and exchange of knowledge among hernia surgeons around the globe. Stay tuned for the latest news and updates from the European Hernia Society! You can reach all information about the EHS through this smart link –

Advisory Committee for the Website


Maciej Pawlak, Poland (Chair)

Ramia Stolt, Sweden

Sebastian Soppe, Switzerland

Bob Bloemendaal, The Netherlands

Jacqueline Bullock, UK

Stijn van Hoef, Belgium

The primary aim of the EHS Web Committee is to facilitate a means of communication with our members, proudly called #EHSFamily. The EHS Web Secretary will play an integral role in achieving this. We strive to deliver a platform that will:

  • Help you navigate through EHS events and activities
  • Find the information that you are looking for to keep yourself up to date with best clinical practice
  • Promote membership benefits
  • Provide the knowledge library that will simplify access to guidelines, educational material and teaching events to help you develop and sustain a top-notch career in abdominal wall and hernia surgery.

The EHS Web Committee is a dynamic group of enthusiasts who believe that a well-constructed and easy to navigate webpage is the beating heart of our Society, resembling its warmth, inclusivity and passion to share expertly curated knowledge.

patient Advisory Committee


Jacqueline Bullock, UK (Chair)

Richard Cox, UK

David Jack Cummings, UK

Paula Goss, UK

Irena Hrabincova, Czech Republic

Deborah Storey, UK

Andrew Wells, UK


The new and dynamic EHS patient advisory committee is established! This committee will ensure that as a society, the EHS is able to engage more effectively with patients, and provide factual high quality information and support to patients across Europe and beyond throughout their hernia journey. As patients with experience of living with hernia, we (on the committee) are able to understand just how difficult everyday life can be with a hernia. We will use this experience to ensure that patients’ needs are fully understood by those involved in hernia care.

The patient committee can be contacted on our dedicated email,

Advisory Committee for UEMS


Ferdinand Köckerling, Germany (Chair)

Andrew de Beaux, UK

Salvador Morales-Conde, Spain

Barbora East, Czech Republic

Nadia Henriksen, Denmark


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