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EHS publishes the Journal of Abdominal Wall Surgery (JAWS) and collaborates with other key journals within abdominal wall surgery. As a member of the EHS, you will have free access to these journals in addition to other benefits. you can get an overview here. Please go through the ‘members area’ at this site to access journals free of charge. 

Journal of Abdominal Wall Surgery

The Journal of Abdominal Wall Surgery (JAWS) is owned and was created by the European Hernia Society (EHS). Since its founding, the EHS has been driven to improve the care and attention of patients with pathology of the abdominal wall from the best available evidence. An example of this is the production of high-quality evidence-based guidelines. 

The aim of JAWS is to continue to provide committed support for surgeons and patients and to facilitate scientific expression for all surgeons and researchers around the globe interested in abdominal wall surgery.

BJS benefits

As a member of the EHS you will have the following benefits related to BJS Journals:

  • Full online access to BJS and BJS Open
  • Papers accepted by BJS or BJS open will have a reduction on APC for open access (as long as EHS member is main or corresponding author). The APC fee will be reduced with 50% for BJS Open and 20% for BJS. 

Please use the link provided in the ‘Members Area’ to access free of charge.

The BJS EHS Prize competition

The prestigious BJS EHS Prize has run since 2020 with a 3500 € and 1500 € winner and runner up prize respectively.

The entry criteria are:

  • The first author and presenter must be a current member of the EHS.
  • A paper on a hernia related topic (clinical or science) must be submitted to the BJS or BJS Open between the opening and closing dates.
  • The covering letter to the Editor should state that the paper is eligible for the competition.
  • The abstract must also be submitted via the abstract portal of the respective conference by the closing date of the competition.
  • The abstract with a covering email must be sent to the secretary of the EHS at stating that the competition has been entered by the closing date of the competition

2024 competition: Opens 2 November 2023. Closes on 31 January 2024. 

Previous winners

  • 2020: Nadia Henriksen, Denmark and Barbora East, Czech Republic
  • 2021: Barbora East, Czech Republic and Joana Simoes, Portugal
  • 2022: Maxime Dewulf, Belgium and Asmatullah Katawazai, Sweden
  • 2023: Sebastian Schaaf, Germany and Maciej Smietanski, Poland

So come on, get researching and writing – and join this exclusive group!


Hernia is published by Springer. It was founded in 1997 with the purpose of promoting clinical studies and basic research as they apply to groin hernias and the abdominal wall.

EHS members have free access to articles published in Hernia.  Please use the link provided in the ‘Members Area’ to access free of charge. Visit the website to learn more about the Hernia journal, submission of manuscripts etc.


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