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EHS engage in patnerships with various organisations to support the development and accessibility of high quality online education in hernia surgery.

Some materials are available free of charge, others are included in the EHS membership benefits. 

The incision films are non-industry sponsored and created by expert surgeons (members of EHS) according to the “Step by Step” methodology.

The site includes a collection of Hernia films including Lichtenstein (different types, local, scrotal), Shouldice and Milos operation for Ventral Hernia.
Tests and anatomy films are also available.

The films can be a great help in teaching/learning Basic Hernia Surgery. The films are available via the Incision Academy site. If you are not a EHS member, you can pay for access. If you are a member of the EHS, you can log in free of charge via your ‘EHS members area‘. 

Hernia basecamp contains 7 ‘camps’ on the way to the summit of hernia knowledge and safe hernia surgery

  • Groin hernia
  • Ventral hernia
  • Incisional hernia
  • Parastomal hernia
  • Essential considerations in hernia management
  • Becoming a better surgeon
  • Materials used in hernia surgery

These camps cover everything from anatomy, procedure choice, pre optimisation, service set up, technique tips and tricks, guidelines, complication management and so much more in a form of video lectures, essential reading material and webinars. We believe Hernia Basecamp will be the go to place for all your hernia knowledge needs.

This project has been proudly endorsed by the EHS and IRCAD institute.


Part of the charitable activity of the Society, BJS Academy is an online educational resource for current and future surgeons.

The Academy is comprised of five distinct sections: Continuing surgical education, Young BJS, Cutting edge, Scientific surgery and Surgical news. 

Although the majority of this is open access, additional content is available to BJS subscribers and strategic partners.

Hernia U collaborates with global faculty to share best practices in the field of hernia management and repair using an online learning management system which you can access from the convenience of your home or office.

The materials are endorsed by the EHS and can be accessed free of charge after registration. 

Programmes include: 

  • Hernia a to Z Fundamentals
  • Hernia A to Z Advanced 



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