EHS Intermediate Cadaveric Hernia Masterclass

The EHS invite you the 2-day Intermediate Cadaveric Hernia Masterclass course in Amsterdam, Netherlands, 21-22 November 2024. The highly interactive course includes detailed cadaveric dissection and lectures by international abdominal wall experts. In addition to lectures on inguinal and ventral hernia the course includes a section on umbilical hernia and interactive case discussions.


Amsterdam Skills Center
Tafelbergweg 47, 1105 BD Amsterdam


Want to participate? Our registration opens on 27 May, but you can enter your name and email and join our interest list to get a notification when registration for the masterclass opens. 

Important: ONLY for EHS Members


The programme is subject to change

Thursday 21 November
07:45-08:00WelcomeMaarten Simons
08.00-08.20PretestMaarten Simons
– Introduciton of faculty
– Presentation TEP procedure
Maarten Simons 
09.00Skills lab 
09.00-09.15Introduction to the proceduresMaarten Simons
09.15-11.00TEP and TAPP All faculty
11.00-12.00Questions and discussionAll faculty
12.30-12.45Presentation on Lichenstein procedureMaarten Simons
12.45-13.00Presentation Shouldice procedure TBA
 LichensteinAll faculty
 ShouldiceAll faculty
15.00-16.00Questions and discussionMaarten Simons 
16.00-16.20Post-test and wrap-upMaarten Simons
16.20-16.40Pretest (Closure, Rives Stoppa and anatomy)Maarten Simons
Friday 22 November
07.45-08.00Welcome and introduction on facultyMaarten Simons
08.00-08.20Presentation on PUMP. Umbilical repairTBA
08.20-08.40Presentation Closure (open and closing the abdomen) TBA
8.40-09.00Presentation Rives Stoppa (remove stitches and dissect) TBA
 PUMPAll faculty
 Open and ClosureAll faculty
 Rives StoppaAll faculty
11.30-12.00Questions and discussionAll faculty
12.30-13.00Introduction to Abdominal wall anatomy. Specific areasTBA
13.00-15.00Dissection of Abdominal wallAll faculty
15.00-16.00Questions and discussionMaarten Simons
16.00-16.30Post-test and goodbyeMaarten Simons

*Materials used in the skills lab or presented in introductions are sponsored by the industry partners supporting the EHS with unrestricted grants. For more information about our industry partners, please visit: The EHS Cadaver Course organisers emphasize that a variety of products, including those used in the courses, as well as other products, are suitable to achieve successful results in hernia repair.


Maarten Simons

Other faculties: TBA

CME Credits

This course offers a unique opportunity to enhance your skills while advancing your professional development in Abdominal Wall Surgery.
By participating, you can earn CME Credits. The exact number of CME credits will be provided once confirmed (TBA).

Price and registration

Only for EHS members.

2-day course fee: €1000 (excluding VAT) 

The registration fee includes:

  • Admission to the full course programme
  • Coffee breaks and lunch
  • Dinner on 21 November


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