Midline incisional hernia guidelines: the European Hernia Society


These guidelines focus on midline incisional hernias in adult patients where it is anticipated that the fascial defect could be closed without performing an advanced technique such as a component separation, or any other adjunctive technique facilitating myofascial closure.

The guidelines were produced by the European Hernia Society and published in September 2023.

Reference: David L Sanders, Maciej M Pawlak, Maarten P Simons, Theo Aufenacker, Andrea Balla, Cigdem Berger, Frederik Berrevoet, Andrew C de Beaux, Barbora East, Nadia A Henriksen, Miloslav Klugar, Alena Langaufová, Marc Miserez, Salvador Morales-Conde, Agneta Montgomery, Patrik K Pettersson, Wolfgang Reinpold, Yohann Renard, Simona Slezáková, Thomas Whitehead-Clarke, Cesare Stabilini, Midline incisional hernia guidelines: the European Hernia Society, British Journal of Surgery, 2023;, znad284, https://doi.org/10.1093/bjs/znad284


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