EHS Cadaver Course report: Interview with surgeon Marta Wójcik  

EHS Cadaver Course report, Marta Wójcik is what you would call a 'Course-veteran'! Get her feedback about the EHS courses. EHS courses was an ‘absolute game changer’....

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EHS courses was an ‘absolute game changer’: Interview with surgeon Marta Wójcik 

European Hernia Society’s Cadaver Courses are unparalleled opportunities to enhance your surgical skills and network with peers. In this interview, surgeon Marta Wójcik, Poznań, Poland, who has participated in several EHS cadaver courses, shares her experiences.  

Q: In what field do you work and how did you become involved with the EHS cadaver courses? 

A: My name is Marta Wójcik and I am a surgeon from Poznań, Poland. I completed my specialization in general surgery in 2020 and began intensive development in the field of anterior abdominal wall surgery. What particularly attracts me in this field is the need to constantly explore the details of anatomy so that, during surgery, the order of reconstructed correct anatomy emerges from the chaos of the hernia.  

That’s why I was very happy when I heard about the opportunity to participate in cadaver courses organized by EHS – as an opportunity for even better, practical study of anatomy and surgical techniques. Participating in the first one, ‘the Intermediate Cadaver Course in Barcelona (May 2023)’ whetted my appetite for more. That’s why, a month later, I listened to lectures in Reims at the Advanced Cadaver Course with a flushed face. After such a good start, I couldn’t miss the MIS Advanced Cadaver Course in Barcelona (March 2024). 

Q: What was your experience of the courses? 

A: These training sessions are well thought out and planned. A few weeks before, we received access to a digital educational platform, which is an invaluable source of theoretical knowledge, the acquisition of which was required to participate in the classes. I could check the quality of completing this task by solving the pre-test (and improvement by completing the post-test). The classes themselves are a perfect mix of lectures given by phenomenal experts and practical classes under the supervision of experienced operators. 

Q: How have these courses impacted your surgical practice? 

A: The opportunity to explore anatomy in detail under the supervision of the best experts and improve surgical technique is an absolute game changer!  

Suddenly everything becomes more understandable, predictable and… simple. But this learning adds more than just self-confidence. It is also a lesson in humility and respect for the value of professional development which, in my opinion, is the highest value. 

Q: Can you share any memorable lessons or tips from the courses? 

A: It is impossible to list here all the tips and tricks that have become a permanent part of my practice.  

Certainly, the lessons of Professor Miguel Ángel García-Ureña taught me how to freely navigate between the retromuscular and preperitoneal spaces in the Rives-Stoppa procedure, the time spent with Dr. David Joseph Lourié forever changed the anatomical image of the groin or subxiphoid space, and laparoscopic suturing became much more pleasant thanks to Dr. Fernando Ferreira’s comments.  

There’s a lot more I could mention… but it’s best to see for yourself! 

Q: How would you describe the atmosphere at these courses? 

A: There was a great atmosphere of camaraderie, kindness, and support during the courses. The international exchange of experiences is developing and invigorating. Some of our friendships continue to this day and are a source of further support and development: we discuss difficult cases, give advice, and learn from each other.  

And in Reims, Dr. Yohann Renard serves delicious champagne! One could say that it’s worth coming there just for this fact 😉 


Coming up! EHS invites you to the 2-day Intensive Advanced OPEN Cadaver Course in Reims, France, on 20-21 June 2024, in collaboration with the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your surgical skills and network with peers. If you’re a member of EHS, sign up now for an unparalleled learning experience! 



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