EHS General Assembly

All members of the EHS are invited to the EHS General Assembly 2024...

All members of the EHS are invited to the
EHS General Assembly 2024. The meeting will be held Thursday 30 May 2024 at
16:45h-18:15h in the EHS Congress venue: The Prague Congress Centre Prague,
Czech Republic, in the CONGRESS HALL.


1.      Presidential
address (Maarten Simons, The Netherlands) 

2.      Secretary General annual report (Andrew de
Beaux, UK)

2.1.   Annual report

2.2.  Proposed change in EHS Board members term of Office

2.3.  Proposed new positions to the EHS Board

a.   Secretary General (Cesare Stabilini, Italy)

b.   Secretary for Publications (Sonia Ribas, Portugal)

c.     Secretary for Website (Alexis Theodorou, Greece)

d.     Secretary for Science (Frederik Berrevoet, Belgium)

e.     Secretary for Congresses (Umberto Bracale, Italy)

3. Treasurer’s annual report (Yohann
Renard, France)

4. Annual report of the secretaries

 a.  Secretary for the Web (Maciej Pawlak, UK)

 b. Secretary for Social Media (Hakan Gök, Turkey)

 c. Secretary for Science (Cesare Stabilini, Italy)

 d. Secretary for Quality (Barbora East, Czech e. Republic)

 e. Secretary for Education (Knut Borch, Norway)

  f. Secretary for UEMS (Ferdinand Köckerling, Germany)

 g. Secretary for Publications (Sonia Ribas, Portugal)

 h. Secretary for Congresses (René Fortelny, Austria)

  i. Secretary for Chapters and Members (Bernd Stechemesser, Germany)

  j. Secretary for JAWS (Manuel Lopez Cano, Spain)

5. Question and remarks


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