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This month, our President Elect, Salvador Morales-Conde, talks about the EHS mission and the shared “passion for hernias”....


The EHS Commitment

We are witnessing an impressive global interest in abdominal wall reconstruction. The scientific development, its prevalence, the technological innovations in meshes, sutures or fixation systems, in addition to everything that surrounds it, has generated an interest very different from that existing in the past, especially in the way of dealing with this pathology in hospitals, with more and more interested surgeons and specific units created to address this pathology with greater quality. Furthermore, the evolution of the way of facing this surgery, with new ways of understanding anatomy and new surgical techniques and the impact of minimally invasive surgery and robotics, has multiplied global interest in abdominal wall surgery.

This movement and development have caused hernia surgery to develop as a revolution in the field of surgery, stimulating young and not so young surgeons to focus on learning, research and performing quality surgery.

In this sense, all those who considered this surgery as “covering a hole with a mesh” have realised that the scientific movement that has accompanied it has led to the development of a true subspecialty that has led to the UEMS considering it as such.

The EHS remains committed to guiding European and global surgeons to focus on proper training (through courses), to organise knowledge (through clinical guidelines), and to promote research (by offering grants). EHS is also committed to increase networking by offering travel grants and creating a global community of surgeons who interact and exchange experiences and knowledge, and promote new trends and technologies that will improve the way we perform abdominal wall reconstruction.

Our mission as a society is to spread quality, determine the appropriate and rational uses of each technique and the technology needed to perform this surgery, such as meshes, sutures and fixation, and analyse when their applications are profitable. We also need to determine the impact of the new trends in surgery, such as robotic surgery, image guided surgery or artificial intelligence in abdominal wall reconstruction, and to teach surgeons how to use them. At the same time, we support their democratisation by making them accessible.

From the EHS we continue to be at the service of our members with the sole interest of sharing this passion for hernias!

EHS President Elect,
Salvador Morales-Conde


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