Experience from the 2023 BJS Writing in Surgery Course

"For those aspiring to enhance their scientific writing skills, I wholeheartedly recommend this course". Read more about surgical resident Roxana Crăciun's experience with the course....
Reflections from surgical resident, Roxana Crăciun, about the Writing in Surgery Course 

My name is Roxana, I am a fourth-year surgical resident in Bucharest, Romania.

The” Writing in Surgery” course started as an adventure for me since I found out at the very last moment that I had to get an English Language Certificate in less than 3 weeks. I managed to sit an online exam, but the results were late, and I didn’t meet the deadline. During this whole time, the University of Edinburgh representatives were very supportive and let me have a late enrolment.

During the eight and a half weeks that I’ve been a student in this course I have learned a lot about how to write a scientific paper, what should or should not be done and I got tips and tricks from BJS editors. I also gained valuable insights into reading a scientific paper. The classes are prerecorded which was very helpful for me because I managed to take them despite my frantic schedule as a surgical resident. The course materials are very well done and can be downloaded for future use. There were various exercises during the last 8 weeks of the course, culminating with a final exam for which I had to write a scientific paper and abstract, directly applicable to my role as a surgeon. This practical aspect aligned with my expectations, making the course relevant to my professional development.

For those aspiring to enhance their scientific writing skills, I wholeheartedly recommend this course, especially for young doctors who are at the beginning of their scientific career, because it offers a good foundation for this challenging journey.

The EHS support played a pivotal role in my decision to take the course because the grant made this course affordable for me. This year I am continuing my formation in another online course at the University of Edinburgh: Reviewing the Evidence Base in Surgery.

Roxana Crăciun

Roxana Crăciun


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