JAWS Newsletter February 2024

Newsletter: February 2024
Official Open-Access Journal of the European Hernia Society (EHS)

Message from Chief Editor Manuel López-Cano:
I am pleased to present the latest Journal of Abdominal Wall Surgery (JAWS) newsletter. I am very happy to inform you that JAWS has just been accepted for indexing in PubMed Central after 2 years of publication. We are absolutely delighted and hope this encourages more people to submit their papers to us.

Chronic Pain following Hernia Repair – New Special Issue
Eske Aasvang, David Chen and Willem Zwaans are seeking original research, reviews and opinion articles on all aspects involving the management of chronic pain of the abdominal wall and groin. They invite all interested authors to submit their papers evaluating the management of the complex problem of (chronic) pain after different types hernia repair (including but not limited to inguinal, ventral, incisional, parastomal and hiatal hernias).

Click here for more information and to submit a paper before August 31st

Artificial Intelligence in Abdominal Wall Surgery
We are seeking guest editors for this hot topic. For an example of the types of papers we would like to see in this Special Issue take a look at this recent article published in JAWS.

We take care of all the administrative burden in our Special Issues, all you would be required to do is help shape the scope of the Special Issue based on your research interests and review 3-4 manuscripts over a 6-8 month time period.

Click here to express an interest

Quality of life with a hernia: a novel patient-led study
Susan Hill was asked to present the patient’s perspective on living with a hernia at the European Hernia Society (EHS) conference in 2022. After positive feedback from the audience, Hill received suggestions to publish the data in the Journal of Abdominal Wall Surgery.

Read the full blog post to find out Susan’s fascinating insights…

Submissions still wanted to the following Special Issues:
Components Separation Techniques in Abdominal Wall Surgery
Guest Editors René Fortelny & Lars Nannestad Jorgensen

Other surgical plasties of the abdominal wall (e.g. Chevrel’s technique, hernia sac plasty, modifications)
Guest Editors Sebastian Schaaf & Valentin Oprea

Mic repair of Ventral and Incisional Hernias (ipom, e-TEP, v-TAPP, MILOS, etc)
Guest Editors Dimitrios Prassas & Michael Zaczek

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Hernia Surgery
Guest Editors Barbora East, Nadia A. Henriksen, Gabrielle van Ramshorst

Current Reviews in Abdominal Wall Surgery
Guest Editors include Alexis Theodorou & Xavier Pereira

Recently published papers:
Robotic platform: What it does and does not offer in hernia surgery
Authors Davide Lomanto, Lydia Tan, Sean Lee, Sujith Wijerathne

No Reason to Use Mesh in Groin Hernia Repair in Adolescents
Authors Hugin Reistrup, Siv Fonnes, Jacob Rosenberg

EIT Ambivium, Linea Semilunaris, and Fulcrum Abdominalis
Authors Maaike Vierstraete, Jose Antonio Pereira Rodriguez, Yohann Renard, Filip Muysoms

Robotic Retromuscular (Recurrent) Parastomal Hernia Repair (r-Pauli-Repair) With Synthetically Reinforced Biological Mesh; Technique, Early Experience, and Short-Term Follow-Up
Author A. L. A. Bloemendaal

Primary Lumbar Hernia, Review and Proposals for a Standardized Treatment
Authors Jeroen Heemskerk, Jeroen Willem Alfons Leijtens, Sebastiaan van Steensel

Educating Residents in Abdominal Wall Closure: An Overview
Authors Justin Leavitt, Matthew Hager, Colston Edgerton, W. Borden Hooks III, William Hope

Education in Robotic Hernia Surgery—Current Situation
Authors Sergio Roll & Eduardo Rullo Maranhão Dias

Transforming Abdominal Wall Surgery With Generative Artificial Intelligence
Author Julie Mayol

Journal of Abdominal Wall Surgery Editorial Office
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