News from Dutch Operation Humanitarian Mission

Our President Maarten Simons continues is honourable humanitarian work in Africa and led a Dutch Operation Hernia humanitarian Mission to Ghana between the 13th-21st January 2024...

Chris Oppong and Andrew Kingsnorth in 2007 started the foundation Operation Hernia committed to providing high quality surgery at minimal costs to patients that otherwise would not receive it. 

Maarten Simons started Dutch missions in 2009 and since then has organised 13 trips including more than 70 surgeons and treating more than 1500 patients. Predominantly male patients with inguinal hernias are treated by Lichtenstein procedure under local anaesthesia. 

This year Maarten took a team of 9 to Bole whilst a second team led by consultant Nanette van Geloven went to Axim with 5 surgeons. It was a great success. 132 patients with 149 hernias were treated. 

The hospitality of the Bole and Axim staff was amazing and thanks to material sponsoring from our hospitals OLVG and Tergooi and mesh offered by Medtronic and BD we could not only teach local doctors but also leave material behind so they could continue performing procedures. 

It’s a challenge to improve care and perform adequate training but with the learning eagerness of local professionals and our own drive to perform several missions per year we are confident Operation Hernia has huge value for Ghanian patients and hospital staff. 

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We would like to thank our Ghanaian friends for supporting and collaborating during the intense days of hard but thankful work. We will be back. 


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