Open EHS Secretary Positions

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New EHS Board members needed. 

Closing date for applications 06 November 2023

Three of our current Board members complete their terms of office in the EHS Board.  Rene Fortelny (Secretary for Congresses), Cesare Stabilini (Secretary for Science) and Maciej Pawlak (Secretary for the Web). 

Check out the full list of open positions here. 

 A reminder of the application process.

Send your application to the EHS  Secretariat by the closing date of 06 November 2023, via the online application form.  Your application should include a

  • Letter of up to 1000 words as to why you want to become Secretary for Congresses, Science or the Web, what you would bring to that position, and what plans, ideas, and objectives you have for the possible three/five years in office.
  • Short CV – 4 pages maximum, including when you first joined the EHS and years of membership since, previous activity undertaken for the EHS and your National Chapter, along with a summary of your clinical, education and/or research activity related to the abdominal wall.

Who can apply?

In short, any current EHS member who works in ‘Europe’ (including the UK, Turkey etc) can put themselves forward for a Board position.  Preference is given to those who currently serve or have served on an EHS Advisory Committee.

About the EHS Board 

The EHS Board meet approximately once a month, either by telco 8-10 pm CET, as well as face to face before the Annual Congress, and at least one other time a year over the ‘winter’ months. EHS Board members manage their advisory committee which should meet at least four times a year, (but often more frequently) at least one of which should be face to face.  The incoming EHS Board member will shadow the current EHS Board member from January 2024 until their official ratification at the GA, during #EHS2024Prague.

Want to know more, ask questions?  Contact with your questions. 

The following short paragraphs outline the remit of each EHS Board tasks:

Secretary for Congresses:  This position will involve working with the future Congress Presidents to pull off our memorable Annual Congress (Prague 2024, Paris 2025, Porto 2026, Antwerp 2027).  In addition, the new Secretary for Congresses will identify a topic, location and local host for a one day monothematic meeting in the autumn each year. Helping chose the city for the next available Congress as well as agreeing EHS endorsement of events is part of the tasks of this Secretary.

Secretary for Science:  A big part of this position is co-ordinating and facilitating the numerous new guidelines as well as updating the old, keeping the guideline production methodology current, and liaising with other European Societies where there is common interest in a guideline. The EHS does apply for research grants in its own right, and the application writing process is part of this Secretary’s remit, (although it is sometimes shared with the Secretary for Quality depending on the topic of research). In addition, overseeing other scientific activities of the EHS, including preparing and managing research grant applications by the EHS as well as reviewing the annual grant applications from EHS members.

Secretary for the Web:  This position is the executive for the EHS Website, its development and maintenance with regard to the website content.  Keeping the website content fresh, updating old material, adding new material and so on is a never ending job!  The technical side of the web is managed by the EHS secretariat and a web design company.  


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