Update from the EHS 2024 Congress President

Dear #HerniaFriends,


It’s been over four months since we bid farewell in Sitges, and all our focus is now directed towards the upcoming Prague meeting, ensuring it becomes an unmissable event. We have partnered with some unconventional collaborators for this year’s gathering in an effort to provide you with an unforgettable experience, numerous learning opportunities, and the much-anticipated think tank discussions.


Get ready, as more information will be coming your way soon. Make sure to mark the dates on your calendar. We are diligently working on the scientific program, and we’re excited to inform you that the main conference topics will be unveiled in the next newsletter. But what else can you look forward to? Expect a multitude of hands-on sessions, panel discussions, and debates. We are enthusiastic about engaging in debates, as we believe it’s always valuable to share your thoughts openly. Whether you prefer to express yourself publicly or through the app, allowing someone else to voice your opinion, we will accommodate both the bold and the reserved attendees.


Our aim is for everyone to leave with plenty of new contacts, collaboration opportunities, and a buzzing brain from idea overload. The congress is designed to stimulate cooperation and networking, as these elements make solving complex issues so much easier.


We extend a warm welcome to nurses, theatre staff, physios, and other specialists, as well as scientists of all sorts. Your presence will enrich our discussions with valuable insights from your unique perspectives. This inclusive approach ensures that we benefit from diverse viewpoints, fostering a holistic understanding of our field.


We are striving to create a balanced program to ensure there’s always a session for everyone’s interest. Opportunities will range from foundational learning to in-depth technical sessions, as well as segments tailored to colleagues from different specialties. If you have friends in gyne, colorectal, or any other surgical fields, don’t forget to inform them about this event.


Last but not least, a variety of activities are planned as pre-conference courses, cadaver labs, and more. Stay tuned and consider how you can contribute to the conference yourself. This event is not just about us – it’s about all of you, coming together for the benefit of everyone else.


Warm regards,

Barbora East, Congress president




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