The EHS patient advisory committee needs more patient members!

Do you have patients who could help?...

The EHS patient advisory committee needs more patient members: do you have patients who could help?

The European Hernia Society may be an international surgical society that exists to promote hernia surgery and enhance a surgeon’s knowledge and understanding of hernia, but in reality the society exists to benefit us, the PATIENT. It exists to improve OUR chances of successful surgery and restore OUR quality of life so it’s only right that patients are a part of the EHS.  Indeed, hernia surgeons may one day be THE PATIENT also!

The new patient advisory committee aims to bring a different aspect to hernia education; a side of hernia that for many years has not been discussed and that isn’t taught in medical school; namely the reality of living with a hernia and sometimes, the adverse outcomes of hernia surgery. Patients have much to offer as we know our hernia personally, we have lived with a hernia, may have been through hernia surgery and recovery. We know that a hernia is not just a physical condition. We understand that it affects not just our lives but can also affect the lives of our families and friends.  We want to share this experience and make hernia care patient centred, to help the great surgeons who are members of the society understand what we need and how they can best help us. All you need is enthusiasm,  if you would like more information please contact Jackie at for a no obligation chat.

Jackie Bullock
Chair of the EHS Patient Advisory Committee

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