The Hernia Family Book – Elin Önnerlöv from Sweden

Interview with Elin Önnerlöv from Sweden...

Name: Elin Önnerlöv

Age: 47 years old

Where do you come from? Sweden

For how long have you been an EHS member?: 
I think it´s 4 years.

Please describe a day at work as surgeon in your country:

I work at a small hospital. If I have surgeries that day, I start by seeing the first patient, then we gather to see the relevant radiology from the previous day, while the patient is prepared in the OR. After a cup of coffee it´s time to start operating. Depending on the surgery performed we often do 2 or 3 operations a day. In between we do administration, get lunch and solve various issues that comes up. Other days I see patients at the out-patient cilinic, do endoscopies or run the ward.

What is your favourite AWR procedure/ hernia surgery?
I love doing TAPP for ventral hernias, or spigelians!

Why is it your favourite procedure?
I´m not sure, but it´s very nice to get the mesh outside the peritoneum, and avoiding tackers so the patient hopefully has less pain.

Who inspired you to become a hernia enthusiast/ surgeon? 
It came naturally, since my hospital do a lot of the hernia surgery in my region.

Please, give a small tip or trick to share for this or any other hernia procedure?
My advice is to become good at laparoscopic suturing.

Have you attended an EHS congress, meeting, or course?
Yes, I´ve been to the EHS congresses in Copenhagen, Manchester and Barcelona/Stiges. Looking forward to Prague!

If yes, which made the biggest impression on you?
All have been great, but I think Copenhagen was probably the best so far.

What made it great?
It was a really good programme, my only problem was that I could only be at one session at a time…

How can the EHS help you in the future?
Keep up the good work!

What is your dream for your future in hernia surgery?
More knowledge from good quality studies, to help guide us in doing the best hernia repairs for our patients.



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