The BJS EHS Prize competition 2024

The BJS EHS Prize competition

Once again, the prestigious BJS EHS Prize will run in 2024. And remember – there is a 3500 and 1500 euro winner and runner up prize respectively.


The entry criteria:

  1. The first author and presenter must be a current member of the EHS.
  2. A paper on an abdominal wall/hernia related topics (clinical or science) must be submitted to the BJS or BJS Open between the opening and closing dates.
  3. The cover letter to the Editor should state that the paper is eligible for the competition.
  4. The abstract must also be submitted via the abstract portal of the EHS Annual Congress in Prague 2024 by the closing date of the competition.
  5. The abstract with a covering email must be sent to the secretary of the EHS at stating that the competition has been entered by the closing date of the competition.

Timeline –  The competition opens on 2 November 2023 and closes on 31 January 2024


Can we remind you of the previous winners.


2020 winner Nadia Henriksen

         runner Barbora East


2021 winner Barbora East

         runner Joana Simoes


2022 winner Maxime Dewulf

         runner Asmatullah Katawazai


2023 winner Sebastian Schaaf

         runner Maciej Smietanski


So come on, get researching and writing – and join this exclusive group!!


Andrew de Beaux

EHS General Secretary

BJSS Director



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