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Hernias are more than just a bulge on the abdominal wall, and their presence can impact your everyday life. This is why the European Hernia Society has created materials and groups to help you find answers regarding hernias. We aim to improve patient care around the diagnosis and treatment of abdominal wall hernias and to improve your safety and quality of care before, during and after hernia repair operations.


EHS Patient Advisory Committee

The new and dynamic EHS patient advisory committee is established! This committee will ensure that as a society, the EHS is able to engage more effectively with patients, and provide factual high quality information and support to patients across Europe and beyond throughout their hernia journey. As patients with experience of living with hernia, we (on the committee) are able to understand just how difficult everyday life can be with a hernia.  We will use this experience to ensure that patients’ needs are fully understood by those involved in hernia care. 

The patient committee can be contacted on our dedicated email,


Hernia Patient Support Group

Are you living with a hernia? The EHS understand exactly how
this affects patients both physically and emotionally and have a dedicated
patient Facebook group to support you on your journey. Our friendly and relaxed
group is a private space which welcomes members and their families with all
abdominal hernia from all around the world.  We know that you will have
questions and concerns,  we will provide you with all the information and
support you need from diagnosis, living with your hernia, surgery and your

We are waiting to welcome you today! Please use this link:

Join a chat room in your native language

We are delighted to announce our new service. We are aware of the language barrier in communication and, to overcome this, we have established chat rooms where people with hernias can discuss their problems in their native languages. Currently, we provide services in 9 languages. Come and join us! We cannot repair your hernia but we can support you on this journey. Click the following link to choose your chat room –

Patient leaflet

EHS has developed a leaflet for persons who suffer from umbilical or epigastric hernia, or who take care of friends or family members who does. The leaflet is available in multiple languages. 

Videos for people with hernia

Perhaps you suffer from a hernia or maybe there is someone in your family or a friend who does, there are often many questions that you might have: Is it actually a hernia? Should I go to the doctor? Do I need surgery? Can any surgeon repair my hernia? Are there any risks? Do I need to prepare myself before surgery? How long will it take for me return to everyday life after surgery?

Online you might already have found answers to all these questions. But be careful of the online source as they might not always be correct and misinformation can do more harm than good. Together with our partners from BD, we decided to put a summary of some of the important questions about hernia in one place so that you can be sure it is up to date and based on evidence from the medical literature.

The five one-minute videos are in English or German with subtitles available in Czech, Danish, French, Italian, Spanish and Turkish. Just choose the one you are most comfortable with and get the information you need about #YourHernia today. We hope this helps you make the right choice around hernia surgery for you. And perhaps help you ask the right questions to your surgeon also. 

Watch the videos on this page.

Watch the videos

Do I have hernia?

This video explains how a hernia may feel and what you should do if you suspect you have a hernia.

Who should I contact?

This video explains how you may identify the best hernia surgeon for your problem.

Should be I aware of complications during a hernia surgery?

Ask your doctor how you may reduce the risk of complications and what to expect. You can also consult materials prepared by the EHS for patients.  

What happens during hernia surgery?

Your surgeon is trained to adapt the surgery to your needs and handle any situation that may occur during the surgery.

How is recovery process after a hernia surgery?

After the surgery you can go back to your normal activities as soon as you are able. Enjoy your life!

Do i have Hernia?

Filip Muysoms / General surgeon / EHS President / Belgium

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Who should I contact?

Ralph Lorenz / General surgeon / EHS Board Member / Germany

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Should be I aware of complications during a hernia surgery?

Barbora East / General surgeon / EHS Board Member / Czech Republic

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What happens during hernia surgery?

Salvador Morales-Conde / General surgeon / EHS past Secretary-General / Spain


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How is recovery process after a hernia surgery?

Andrew de Beaux / General surgeon / EHS Secretary-General / UK

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