Travel Grant Report: Madrid, January, 2024

“It was an amazing experience, the EHS travel grant gives surgeons the chance to meet new colleagues in European surgical centers of excellence, to obtain knowledge about various surgical techniques in a field such as that of hernia surgery in continuous evolution”.

Travel Grant Report: Hamburg, Germany, December 2023

I had the opportunity to closely observe the latest developments in the field of hernia surgery in a clinic that is considered a reference center in this area. I think it made a great contribution to my theoretical and practical training.

Travel Grant Report: Madrid, Spain, November 2023

I participated in surgeries at the mentioned hospitals each day during my visit. I gained valuable insights, particularly into their approach to large abdominal wall hernias. What I learned will undoubtedly reshape my daily practice.

Travel Grant Report: Madrid, Spain, September 2023

This was the best way to observe a leading expert in the world of abdominal wall surgery and get a ringside view to learn from the maestro. He put together an action-packed week for me to fit in as much learning as possible.

Travel Grant Report: Reims, France, September 2023

During my time spent in Reims, I had the chance to see a large number of surgical interventions, most of them complex incisional hernia repairs, assisting in pre and postoperative consultations, a hands-on laparoscopic cadaveric course, the BTA injection and PPP technique for giant incisional hernias with loss of domain.