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In 2023, it is more important than ever that surgery is open and transparent. And as a society, the EHS recognises this.  We are ready to welcome patients into the EHS family and break down barriers that exist between surgeons and patients. To help with this, a new and dynamic EHS patient advisory committee has been established! 

This committee will ensure that as a society, the EHS is able to engage more effectively with patients and provide factual high-quality information and support to patients across Europe and beyond throughout their hernia journey. As patients with experience of living with hernia, we (on the committee) are able to understand just how difficult everyday life can be living with a hernia.  We will use this experience to ensure that patients’ needs are fully understood by those involved in hernia care. 

If you have any suggestions or feedback, the patient committee can be contacted on our dedicated email,


Facebook support group for hernia patients

To engage with hernia patients, EHS members have created a dedicated Facebook support group for your patients. This friendly and relaxed group is a private space which welcomes members and their families with all abdominal hernia from all around the world.  We know that your patients and their families will have questions and concerns and we will provide all the information and support needed from diagnosis, living with your hernia, surgery and recovery. 

We are waiting to welcome you today! Please use this link:

Join a chat room in your native language

We are delighted to announce our new service. We are aware of the language barrier in communication and, to overcome this, we have established chat rooms where people with hernias can discuss their problems in their native languages. Currently, we provide services in 9 languages. Come and join us! We cannot repair your hernia but we can support you on this journey. Click the following link to choose your chat room –

As fellow EHS members we would value your support with these projects. PLEASE help us to share and promote the support group.

If you feel that you could be involved in these projects, especially by engaging patients whose primary language is not English, please contact the committee. We would love to talk to you.


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